Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking my mind off it

Ooo... I think it's not far away, got some niggling pains today and last night! Or I hope that means it's not far away. I'm so excited/scared/happy/totally shitting myself! :) I need to take my mind off it all in case nothing comes of it yet!

So I'm going to participate with Casey from Randomness in explaining my blog name.
So here it is:
My full name is Kristie and when I was a lot younger my dad used to call me Missie Krissie. But it seemed to be only when he saw me doing something crafty, eg. drawing, painting, sewing etc. My dad was a great artist when he was younger and he was also a drafts person like me, though not anymore. He doesn't have time to draw anymore but anyone can see where I get it from!
He stopped calling me Missie Krissie for a while as I got older and became a horrible teenager. But as I came out of that stage he started saying it again :) He still does it and when it came to choosing a blog name I wanted one that meant something to me. Not just a name plucked from thin air.
It still brings back memories of my dad lending me his 'special' (expensive) pencils so I could make my master pieces and his idea of taking me to an art store for my birthday and letting me run riot. I still have almost everything I bought that day.

So there it is, quite a meaningful name to me!

If you want to join in or read about other people's blog names go to 1/4 of an inch to sign up!

Now, please come out baby! I really want to finally touch you!


Leahdis said...

Wow how exciting for you! I hope your baby cimes soon too! I Love the whats in a name game I may have to join! Good luck with the bubs.

Leahdis said...

Oops I ment to write Comes soon!

Casey said...

How cute that your dad calls you that :)

I hope that little boy comes out soon!!

Muddlepud said...

Good luck to you! I can't believe it is already 6 months ago that I was stitching furiously at an embroidery piece as I was in labor with my little boy. Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope all goes well for you!

rachelmp said...

I hope you are nearly there Kris!

suesueb said...

don't you love nicknames? my dad called me susie q and then my mom called me suesue. not too many people know my real name is katherine. thanks for sharing and good luck with the baby and birth!!

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