Friday, June 26, 2009

The BIG post :: caution, birth story!!

Our newbie is over a week and a half old. I can't believe it wasn't just yesterday I was screaming the hospital down trying to bring him into the world! He was worth all that effort though :) I'm going to give you a quick run down of how he arrived and the events up til now.

So: 2 days before his due date I started feeling contractions on the Saturday morning, just small ones but I knew what was going on! I warned hubby that we may need to find somewhere for Aus to go very soon. My parents had gone away for the weekend but my sister was home and was on her way to watch her bf play footy in Lake Boga when we rang her. She came back after dropping her boyfriend off and picked Aus up. He was so excited to go watch the footy, he didn't notice anything was amiss. In the mean time I'd insisted on visiting our local op shops... not sure why, just taking my mind off what was coming think! The contractions built up to almost groan-worthy while I was browsing but I still managed to bring home a few bits. Speaking of, I wonder where they went? I can't even remember what I bought!
Anyway when we got home and Aus had gone with my sister I got into the bath and stayed there for the next 4 hours. The contractions were getting harder and fast enough to time. At one stage they were about 3-4 mins apart and painful. I ended up on the couch moaning and groaning with hubby nervously hovering :)
At about 10pm the contractions started to cool off and the times apart were all over the place. I was so deflated and upset because I knew I was in for another marathon labour (Aus ended up at about 55 hours). So we both decided to try and get some sleep (not very successful for me). I got up at about 5 I think and got in the bath again and this time we were all go. Some contractions were bringing tears to my eyes and I decided it was time to get out at about 7. After a little while back on the couch I'd had enough and wanted to go to hospital.
So 'Mr Reliable Husband' got me in the car and nervously drove us to the back door so I didn't have to walk past all and sundry! They took me straight into the birthing suite and I happily got on the gas! Ahhh... gas. It was my only friend for the next 7ish hours :)
I was already 5cm dialated and was assured that I'd be able to cuddle my baby by the end of the day. I wasn't too happy about that, the end of the day seemed like a bloody long way away!
So I squealed and cried and sucked on the gas until about 3 I think. At some stage my Mum appeared which was a relief. My back started to really sting and it was heaven on earth to have it rubbed hard. Except when another contraction was in full swing... something Hubby kept forgetting and recieved a few hand slaps while I was trying to stop him! lol. I spent the whole time on the bed holding either my Mum's or Hubby's hand and staring into their eyes while they told me I was doing a good job... Jem said that after one contraction I took the gas out of my mouth to tell him he had grey hairs in his side burns and blood shot eyes. Nice. lol
Anyway at about 3 my doctor came in and decided that my waters hadn't broken and were holding baby back. So he broke them and introduced me to a whole new world of pain. Noah was born about 15 mins later. I was informed afterwards that in the process of pushing him out I'd grabbed hold of the midwife's arm and dug my fingernails in as hard as I could. I don't remember doing that but I made sure to appologise to her the next day!
It was such a relief to finally have Noah out and to be able to touch him. Even if he was a strange purply colour :) All the staff at the hospital were so fantastic, the Midwives especially. They were so calming and a huge help! This one took me 30 hours of labour, that's an improvement I guess :)

So after a lovely hospital stay and nurses/midwives popping in just to have a cuddle of Noah (Hubby used to work at the hospital so we know most of the staff)
I came home to a huge bunch of flowers from Hubby and Aus which was so nice. Since then we've been doing our best to turn Noah's sleeping hours around, he's a little bit confused about when he's meant to be awake. But other than that he is a very easy baby. He basically feeds and then sleeps, not fussy at all. He gets a little bit of wind but manages to get rid of it himself usually. He was weighed on Wednesday and had put on 1/2 a kilo since leaving hospital, I must be a good cow :)
Aus has been really good so far- he walks into the room and looks for Noah and before he says anything else he asks where 'baby brother' is? He wants to cuddle him all the time and hold his hand, as you can see in the picture below.

And I just love this one of Noah and Daddy asleep together on the couch. Love the beer shirt Daddy! Cack!

Other than trying to cuddle Noah, this is what Aus has been doing. Emptying his toy basket and generally making a nice mess. But looking way too cute to be cross with...

And today I actually managed to get some orders done and sent off! Woo!

And now the star of the show...

This one made me giggle

And this is just cute.

I'm sure you'll appreciate tha this post has taken me over 3 hours. I even managed to type while feeding Noah and it still took that long. So if it sounds a bit disjointed and there's few missing/mispelled words, it will be due to hundreds of stop-starts! Oh well, I'm a new Mum again and plead tiredness!!
Hope everyone is well and happy, I'll get back to visiting your blogs soon!!


Natalie said...

Awww so lovely to read your birth story! I had a giggle at the photo of your DH, I've snapped similar ones of mine! Noah is just adorable and Aus looks like a proud big brother.

rachelmp said...

Beautiful post Kris. Love those photos and just enjoy every minute x Rachel

Casey said...

Your boys are super adorable! great birth story :)

Leahdis said...

Well done! What a woman op -shopping whilst in labour! Noah is very cute. Thanks for getting the Braclet done, I received it today.
You are a super mum!

rvavic said...

Super woman you!!
Again I am teary... must be the hormones :)

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