Sunday, May 24, 2009

Running out of puff...

I think that I may be turning my blog into a place to whine and whinge about the end of pregnancy symptoms. But I don't care. It feels like I was riding the bus to victorious wonderful motherhood in style and all of a sudden I've been kicked off at Struggle Street! I just can't get up and go. Long nights of waking up every hour either from back pain or to pee have taken their toll. The last 3 days I've had an afternoon sleep at the same time as Aus, thank god he is still happy for a nap.
It's just too hard now, all the many and varied things lying on the floor have to stay there. Quilting the baby's quilt will need to wait until after he's here. I was going to stencil a jumper each for my Brother and Brother in law for their birthdays... not going to happen for a while.
My poor husband is working so hard with 2 jobs and I can't even manage to clean the kitchen or hang out some clothes.
And for some insane reason I've managed to have the builder start renovating our house the week before the baby is due! I've lost my mind. Now we need to pack up our house asap and get out. Someone slap me... no wait it's too late now, that should have been done a while ago.
Ahhh... I guess we'll get through it.
Aus is making things a bit easier, the new toilet chart seems to be working as he actually gets very excited when he can put a number up. He's also recognising the numbers and what order they go in :)
Last week he started a very strange new habit. I put him to bed at night but when I went to bed I checked on him and he wasn't there. Where the hell did he go? I looked everywhere and was quite worried and flustered.
Then I found him.
In my cupboard, on top of my shoes with his blanket and pillow.
Since then I keep finding him back in there, squishing my shoes :) Cheeky little devil, I would never have done that as a child, I was way too scared of small dark places!!

Well, hope your weekend was as relaxing or productive as you'd hoped. I'm off for MORE sleep.


Chocolate Cat said...

Not long to go now!! I used to find my daughter asleep under her bed!! Cute photo!

Calidore said...

The last few weeks are the pits when it comes to pregnancy. Aus sleeping in your cupboard might be his way of coping with the whole pregnancy and new arrival. Cute photo of him though..vbg.

Casey said...

aww, you're almost done! The end of pregnancy sucks :( keep taking those naps!

I love where Aus sleeps hehe, too funny

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