Monday, April 27, 2009

On the weekend...

Well the first photo isn't from the weekend. We went to Aus's little friend Brylie's 2nd birthday party last Monday. Once all the other guests were gone Brylie's mum and I were having a cuppa. We thought the kids were a bit quiet, but Min (Brylie's Mum) thought there wasn't really anything they could get in to in Brylie's room. WRONG!
You may not be able to see it too well, but that's a lovely chalk mural on the white wall. Our little artists had a lovely time together :) I hope Min could get it all off!

Now onto weekend crafts, I made a few freezer paper stencils on baby onesies- some cute smiley skulls.

Then finished off some burp cloths. I found a quicker way to bind the cut edge, use some nice think ribbon and fold it over, sew down twice and tada! So much easier then cutting out the binding and ironing etc.

Now this is a lamp I got for my birthday a few years ago. It already had finger holes though it from Aus, he had a bit of a facination with it while learning to walk. But when I was moving it last weekend I managed to walk into a low table and totally wrecked it- the bottom came off and the rest started to unwind. Hubby wanted to throw it out but I thought it could be given a new life...

So I pulled off all the paper and replaced it with a cool white cross hatched material. I think it turned out really well- best of all baby no. 2 can't put finger holes through it :)

I also managed some orders and took my new pants up (I have short stumpy legs).
And today I got this new toy! It's so cool and I can print from anywhere in the house! Where have you been all my life!! :)
If you're still looking for something for your Mum for mother's day, please wander over to my shop. I've made all earrings 20% off so grab yourself a bargain!

Last of all a horribly blurry photo of the belly at 33 weeks. Don't mind the marks on the mirror- I have no excuse for that.


CurlyPops said...

Wow look at that belly! Not long to go now.

Casey said...

awww, big belly! exciting :)

Anonymous said...

love your stencils so cute!! Can you tell me what paint you used??

mandapanda said...

How can you manage to stay so skinny at this stage of the game?! Some people get all the luck... I bet your back is killing you! Poor thing!

The things we do for love.

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