Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm grumpy, moody and sick of having no sleep. Apart from that, I still had a good weekend at a wedding and then on Sunday my cousin's 'recovery session' from his 21st the night before. I was a bit sad because I had a beautiful satiny dress picked out for the wedding- but even with J desperately trying to help, the zip only came half way up. *sigh* At least it gve me an excuse to go and buy something new. I thought it looked rather nice (and had convinced myself that people probably wouldn't even notice I was pregnant) but when I look at the pic below I've decided I still looked like an elephant. The sun is shining in exactly the wrong spot! :(
Anyway the night started out quite nice and dear hubby was tidy enough...

Then, not so much....

Then DEFINITELY not tidy!

That's his brother who was also not at all sober. I of course was the designated driver (I don't drink anyway) and got them safely home... with a little, um, 'pit stop' along the way. Yeah. Not pleasant.
But we still managed to get up early the next morning to go to Bendigo. It was great to see all the extended family and I was a little bit sad we couldn't have made it to the party- but in my book wedding trumps 21st.

Tomorrow I'll me making a post you might want to see... it may include a giveaway. So tune in if you would like something pretty! :) As everyone does!


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