Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new design...

Hi guys, just stopping by to show off my new design. I got these tiny baby washers and decided to play around with them. This is the bracelet I came up with- It has J's, mine and Aus's initials and a space for bub. I was thinking it would also look good with 2 initials and a date, eg. wedding date.

I'm hoping to put a bracelet and a necklace version in the shop tonight after the little man has gone to bed. I've got him by myself this weekend as hubby is off at the Golden Plains Music Festival, hopefully having a good time. It's a 3 day festival so we wont see him until Monday. I don't think there will be much crafting done until after Aus is in bed every night!

p.s While I was doing this post, he got the tin foil out of the pantry and unrolled the whole thing down the hallway! * I had to remind myself to breathe slowly and calmly *


Kirsty said...

The washer looks great.

Net said...

It's a lovely necklace!

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