Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Action packed weekend!! :)

Yet again this is going to be a big post. I really need to sit down more often to do this!!
Oh well, here we go...

On Friday night after work Aus and I drove to Melbourne to stay with my cousin and her husband. We stopped in Bendigo to visit my sister on the way and grab a nice dinner, cheers Annie! When we got there we were both tired after the long drive but so excited about the next day!!
Saturday was the Stitches and Craft Show! Oh me oh my!! Such fantastic people and things all gathered together in the same place! As you can tell I had a brilliant time! I actually met some bloggers in 'real life', just as lovely as I thought they would be- with such brilliant ideas and products!!
Also spent a little bit of dosh, but worth every cent:
Some of the fabrics I bought (I was really after boy fabrics but there were some great girly ones I just had to have)-
Then there was this mini iron that was calling my name. At first I resisted but I could still hear it from across the other side of the building and I let it draw me back to buy it! I've tested it out and am very impressed. It's so handy for my little jobs.

The pearls below were also bought at the show for the jewellery making, I really like the pinky colour.
The other things in the above picture are my purchases from the Bendigo Spotlight. It had been closed since the fires but re-opened on Monday- with 20% off EVERYTHING, even sale items. I actually stayed at my sister's on Sunday night instead of coming home, specifically so I could go to the sale. And I bought so much that the sales woman said she'd never seen a receipt that big before. Embarrassment. She then appologised to the lady behind me for it taking so long! Hmmm... maybe I should learn to minimise my purchasing from now on. But I got everything from pinking shears to ribbons to stamping inks to my new best friend- a bobbin side winder! There was so much more and it all cost me $100 so I thought it wasn't too bad.

Oh and I couldn't remember if I showed you how I store my pearls and crystals- I got this little test tube holder from the op shop for $1 and it's come in so handy. I can see all my colours really easily.

On Sunday we got up early to go with my cousin to their church because they were going to sing at the Templestowe Festival. They close down the whole street and have lots of stalls set up all the way down with all sorts of things. I bought the beautiful hand made apron and little booties there for my boys. If you've got kids, I reccommend you go and take a look next year, Aus had the time of his life. So many rides, even Thomas the Tank Engine (he nearly wet himself he was that excited!). There was also a petting zoo, with lots of animals... including a crocodile and snake! Aus loved it!

I also got in the mail these beautiful vintage fat Quarters from my swap with Casey. Thanks so much Casey I love them, especially the yellow and oranges!
Last but least, as promised... the belly. It looked ok in the first pic but then I thought I'd better be truthful and show what's really going on under that cardi! I'm a whale, pure and simple :)

That's enough for now, I'm off to actually make something with all my purchases!!! YAY! Hope your weekend was great too!

Ps. Rings are coming to the shop soon, I am waiting for a piece of equipment to come... I got the package for it on Friday, with nothing in it. It had apparently fallen out a small hole, so they're sending me another one. :)


CurlyPops said...

Yah what a fab weekend you had!
You'll love the sidewinder, very handy indeed. I love those test tubes.

CurlyPops said...

PS Great belly shot!

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like a great weekend! and great shopping!! I've wanted one of those side bobbin winders for a while - what do you think of it? Great belly photo!

rachelmp said...

What a huge weekend!!! Love the belly shot too

Handmade said...

Hello! .... you wouldn't want to be after me in the Spotlight queue - it's a wonder they don't charge me per metre for my receipt! Cool bump!

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