Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh my God!

'Scuse the french but Holy SHIT!! How much worse could it get? Bendigo (not too far from here) is burning! Oh my god. And for those who've been there and know where Spotlight is you will know it's not on the outskirts by any means- really not far from the centre. 60 houses are gone around Spotlight- not sure if the shop it's self is gone too. That's one street away from my cousins and my sister's houses! What a horrible day. To think some if not most were deliberately lit. Scum.

We did our best to stay cool out at the lake. Sitting in a nice cool spa barely helped. But our friends had a great way to keep cool of their boat...

See the shade cloth down the sides? They pump water from the lake onto the roof and it runs all over. The wind going through the shade cloth cools it down and the whole boat becomes nice and cold! Mmmmm....

Aus had a lovely time, watching the 'fishies' and swimming.

I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant and I'm just feeling it more, but I really can't remember a day this hot and horrible. It's past 1 am and I still can't get to sleep! Bring on the cool change!! Hurry up!


Anonymous said...

that fire in Bendigo is shockingly horrible. i hadn't heard. makes me worry about a good friend's family that lives there, i'll have to check up on them.

love your jewelry and adorable family.

Anonymous said...

I could barely read this post... my sister lives in Bendigo. It really is terrifying.

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