Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pancakes... Shazza's way!

I've been around the traps, flat out trying to organise the reno plans so we can get them under way (if the bank says we can). Getting quotes for tiles and carpet, kitchens, wood heaters, etc.... Yikes! They all add up!

It's just me and Aussie at home today so when he woke up from his sleep I decided to make something special for lunch. Pancakes- the savory kind. My mum used to make them all the time after we had corned beef and use the rest of the meat. SO good! It had herbs and cheese as well. So maybe they're not a pancake, maybe we should call them patties?

Little hands always want to help and I was making a mess anyway so what the hell?!

Repeated warnings of 'hot, don't touch, burnies!' seemed to deter any fingers getting burnt. I forgot to take a pic of the finished product, I was too eager to eat!

This is the other day when we decided to go for a swim at the town pool. Don't you love the hat? It has little fluffy spiders all over it, thanks to uncle Boofa for Christmas. He knows Mummy hates spiders! Hmmm.... just wait until he's got kids.

And because some people like this sort of thing I'm posting a belly photo at 18 weeks (maybe more I keep losing where I'm up to!). It's Saturday and my face doesn't like photos on weekends. :)

Truth to tell my boobs might be nearly bigger than my belly, the only good thing about being pregnant! ;) or so hubby thinks!


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