Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New bookmark & an order sent out

This was just sent out, I really liked the different greens.

click to see bigger pic

And this is what I came up with today. It's a bookmark in copper and silver. I was really amazed when I tested it, it held on so well and looked good with the little dangle chain. The chain has a little heart at the bottom with my mum's initial. I think this is handy, then people know who's reading the book... and hopefully will leave it alone for you! Please tell me what you think?
I'll order more if people think it's worth doing!

Also Silly Gilly is having a giveaway! Don't go in it though, cos I did and I want my odds small!! :)


Jodz said...

I love your bookmark (probably because I love reading). Thanks for checking out my blog.

Alan said...

I think it's a beautiful design. My only suggestion is that it have a longer chain so that the clip could be on the back cover and the chain mark the page like a ribbon.

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