Thursday, December 4, 2008

So so so tired... and sick

This is me today. Where did my energy go? I've spent most of the morning throwing up uncontrolably and I'm coughing my lungs up every few minutes. Oh god, just to take a cold and flu tablet... such a big 'no no' in pregnancy.
I'm cooking myself and Aussie Bob chippies for lunch- because just taking the frozen chips out of the freezer and putting them in the oven was almost more than I could handle. There certainly will be no healthy sandwiches made here today...
Please someone tell me some great remedy to pick me up and dust me off! I still have to manage to go out to dinner tonight! Oh GOD!


Shellbells said...

love the photo!!! sorry about the sickness but just think that it shall pass and the beautiful bundle this is the result and cause will be all worth it!!!

Casey said...

aww being sick sucks big time! especially when you're pregnant

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