Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally, my sister's quilt

It's taken so long but here it is, my sister's 21st birthday quilt. Not quite what one would call straight, nor really well put together. But she likes it and it took me about a year on and off to make it. :) I don't know if you can see, there are small photos of her life all over it. I made her boyfriend promise me that he wasn't going anywhere before I put him on it! :) (He's long term anyway, not just some blow in) Around the outside are men's ties cut and with a binding on each side.
So there you go, not great photos but I found it really hard to get the whole thing in the photo!


Heather - said...

I LOVE the use of ties!! Genius! You're brilliant, y'know? I am enjoying poking through your blog.


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