Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're BACK! And Bronze!

Ok look out this will be a pic heavy post! ( I also still don't have the proper wedding photos yet, when I get them I'll do a nice wedding post )

So here we are in Singapore, looking very happy to be on holiday

This is across from the hotel, we decided to get into the local culture and eat in a food hall with all the local people. J chose liver... no my ides of a good choice. But it was an experience- my pork was really nice.

This is a temple just behind our hotel

We did a Singapore by night tour and this is where we went for dinner, there were so many eateries along the waterfront.

These are the hot rocks we had for dinner, a slab of granite that has been in the oven all day- you cut up the meat and cook it yourself on the stone- yummy.

This is us at Raffle's hotel, the oldest hotel in Singapore.

Me drooling over Tiffany's at Raffels

So from Singapore to the Island of Bintan in Indonesia... this is what we walked into in our room at the resort: very nice lol.

This is the view from our balcony. The resort was brilliant- nice people always friendly and doting on us like we were children. I wasn't even allowed to pour my own tea! It was nice to be pampered though!

This is us doing an ATV trip into the jungle! OH SO COOL!!

Half way we stopped at this hut where a family lives and breeds chickens

Our guide asked us if we wanted to drink coconut, we said yeah sure. He scaled a coconut tree and got a few, then he chopped off the top and gave them to us to drink. Later he took us to a fishing village and a mud flat where he told us to do as many laps as we liked before going back to the resort. We were going through real jungle and I got bogged only 3 times, which I thought was a very good effort on my part :)

On our last night, we went on a night mangrove tour to see some fire flies (which we've never seen) It was cool to look at so many of them and try to catch a male and female to see if they would fly to the top of a tree together and mate

Ok that's all I've got for now, of course there was much more to tell! All in all a fantastic honeymoon and a great start to married life.


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