Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a day!

Yikes... I have a sore head. It's so not great to be running around after a 1 1/2 year old with a sore head. But I did have a great time yesterday! And I've got the pictures... be warned some are not so flattering.
So I went to the salon at 9am and had my eye brows waxed and a facial with a hand massage, then my make up done (all this by my sister-in-law to be), then I had gel nails done and my hair put up. Mmmmm.... so much pampering....

No nails...


Getting a new do!

I got out of the salon at about 2, so I was there for quite a while :). Then I went home to look after Aussie Bob for a while, then took him to baby sitting. I was all ready to roll! So all the girls met at my parent's place and we piled into the 4wd and off to dinner we went... glasses of wine in hand. We went to a nice place and had a lovely dinner, then I had to do some dares. I had to yell out a few things, sing something as loud as I could, then ring J's brother to tell him that he's really the only one I have ever wanted. Very funny- for everyone else! He he, Then we went to the pub and that's all I remember!

Me and friend

Sister and a good friend

3 sister-in-laws and a sister!

My Mum, Aunties and a cousin

Some naughty prizes for the game winners!

Looking a bit worse for wear with my sister.

So I think it was a good night (what I can remember)! Now bring on the wedding!!!


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