Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My wedding has taken over my life...

I could almost just tell J that I want to elope! Almost. I know that all the hard work will pay off on the day, but getting to the day is long and like pulling teeth.
I went at it a bit too hard yesterday and I've also got Aussie Bob's cold. All the coughing and running around has made my Menier's flare up. So now if I move my head I spin and get a really strong urge to chuck. I was meant to work today but cant drag myself out of bed. So hopefully this doesn't last too long, last time it was 3 days. *roll eyes here*
So anyway, I've been flat out making birds from this post. I've got about 20 sewn together and my bidesmaid is going to stuff them for me. I came up with a quicker way to seal the tail, I just get a thin strip of visa fix (is that how to spell it?) and put it on the top of the tail, then fold it under and iron. It's just me being lazy I guess ;).
I also took my dress to be resized last night, it felt much better pinned. I was a bit chubbier when I ordered it (after just having aussie bob). So I'm happy that I have lost a little bit at least. Still working on the 'ta ta'arms tho.
Ok I'll update with some pics soon!

*update* it's actually spelt 'vliesofix'- thanks to Curly Pops for correcting my homework! :)


CurlyPops said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't have a wedding (chuckle). It will all be fantastic and definitely worth all the hard work on the day!
I think you must be using vliesofix (I had to ask the lady at Spotlight to spell it for me the first time I bought it).

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