Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Very cool quilt tutorial!

Isn't this great!?
So many cool colours and it looks easy going by the tutorial I found at Hyena In Petticoats.
Brilliant. I'm making one as soon as I find time.

Actually I've got little to no time at present. Trying my best to make toys for the orphans, which I'll show you some photos soon. Looking after Aussie Bob and working. I was meant to work today but I woke up with the worst back pain! I felt like I'd been run over with a truck!
Also been making birds and need to make some Toadstools for my first swap. I've joined swap-bot. So we'll see how all that goes.
I'm also doing some decorations for my sisters birthday party in august and trying to finish her present. Which I'm not talking about on here because she reads this blog. She'll be pretty happy with it I think.
I also need to sit down and write out a tutorial on how to use ebay. A local learning centre asked me if I'd run a course on how to use it to buy and sell- because I'm an ebay junkie. I can't go a month without having a parcel or ten on their way to me. I thinks it's more just the excitement of getting something in the mail!

And I've just been informed by J that he's organised a babysitter for tomorrow night so that we can go out to dinner. :) I love my J!


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