Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pop's last hurrah...

I've just got back from Brisbane where I attended my pop's funeral. God it was hard. But funerals are always hard for a loved one. It was nice, there were all the old diggers there and at the end after the eulogy they put poppies on his coffin and saluted him. It was very touching. My family were all devastated of course, but we pulled together and ended up singing drunkenly on sing star. In the morning my uncle wasn't so healthy but proudly proclaimed that 'We gave the old fella a bloody good send off''. :) That's why I love my family, they keep each other smiling though anything.

So tonight I'm going to put my sister's quilt together and then tomorrow I'll be quilting. Got to get it done by the end of the week. There wont be any pictures until after her birthday though, don't want her to see it before then!

Thank you all for the kind words about my grand parents. I can't believe I blogged about Jean dying and then the next day Pop was gone too. Such is life, as they say.

Anyway I hope all of you had a lovely relaxing weekend and are now good to go for the week ahead... Cheers!!


Mette said...

I'm so sorry for you. It's so hard to loose someone you love.

Sherrin said...


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