Monday, July 7, 2008

People are so generous

On Friday night we were invited out to a BBQ with some friends. They had an exchange student from Denmark staying with them called Sascha and since I spent a year in Denmark when I was 16, we got on really well. Her family came over to see her, then they were traveling around before she went home. So this was the last time I'd get to see her before she was exported :)
We had a really nice dinner and her family were really nice. I was talking to Sascha's her sister and she pulled out her mobile phone, it was really cool and so skinny, I haven't seen one in Australia before. So I just asked to have a look at it cos it was so cool. Then I gave it back and went on talking to Sascha- saying about how I'll need to buy a cheapy phone because my 6 month old one had been wrecked. Thanks to Aussie Bob thinking that of course it should be sucked on like everything else. It wouldn't even turn on anymore!
Sascha's sister heard what I said and leaned over to Sascha to say that I could have her phone! She said she didn't like it and was going to buy a new one when she got back to Denmark. It's only 2 months old! I decided I couldn't just take it, so I gave her $50 for it which was all I had there. SO she just handed over her phone!! So generous! This is what it looks like:

It's way cool! Sorry everyone for the long-winded story! I'm going to concentrate on compressing posts from now on!! :)
And thanks Sara!!!


edward and lilly said...

That is such a cool phone, how generous!

Hannah said...

Awesome phone.
It's so rare to come across a genuinely generous(?) person these days. Usually people are only generous when they want something in return. (with the exception of crafty bloggers- they're all lovely). Lucky you to have met such a nice person.

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