Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dinner and Thrifting...

Ok so dinner last night didn't go so well. It was really disappointing. I wanted to go to my favorite place to have hot rocks (for those who have never heard of this phenomenon, it is a slab of steak that comes out on a piece of granite that has been heated all day. So you cut off bits and cook it yourself, thus getting steak the exact way you like it). Sadly the only place here that does this very cool dish has gone WAY down hill!!! After last night, I would say they are down in a valley. Everything was over cooked and the vegies were mushy and horrible. The garlic bread was hard, like it had been cooking since lunch time. On top of that, we were the only people there! That made it very awkward! We were too nice or too yellow bellied to say anything to the waitress, so we ate what we could and ran for our lives... never to go back again.
Oh well we had a nice night by ourselves, no worrying about feeding, bathing and getting the kid to bed. Ahhh... so that's what relaxation means!

Onto a more interesting topic: Thrifting! YAY!
These are my finds from yesterday and today:

Ok so here's the list:
A cool picture of a sunset on a leaf from Fiji
Vintage fabrics
Vintage checkers and checkers board
Very cool vintage documents folder, think of all the things I can orgainse in this!
And lastly and beautiful silk scarf with a brilliant flower pattern.

That's all. Oh wait, a beer glass for J- which of course he was very pleased with, not that he needed any more reason to drink beer...

Ok bed time for little munchkins who worked hard all day, night!!


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