Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I made a bird...

As I said in the post below, I wanted to make some on these birds for the wedding. This one is just a practice, but I like it. I also got some 'hot fix' crystals which I decided to have a go at. So I put one on the bird's breast and one on the tail. I think the birds will look great at the wedding, it'll take me a while to make them all!

Tonight I need to finish 2 projects, a messenger bag and a guitar strap for my brother's birthday tomorrow. I hope he likes them, he picked the fabric for the strap but he doesn't know about the bag. I was thinking of putting a picture of captain planet on the strap, just to make him laugh. :)

I worked today and my partner J had the day off. So Aussie Bob stayed home with him. J also got his cast off his wrist from having broken it. Now his hand is all scaly and stinky!


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