Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrappy Leather Headband Tutorial

Here's a quick and easy tutorial to jazz up a boring headband. I got a big bag of leather scraps from an op shop a while ago and have been waiting for a project like this to use them up! You could use denim or felt as well!

Scrappy leather headband Front

Scrappy leather headband 1

Scrappy leather headband 2

Scrappy leather headband 3

Scrappy leather headband 4

Scrappy leather headband 5

Scrappy leather headband 6

Scrappy leather headband 7

Scrappy leather headband 8

Scrappy leather headband 9

Scrappy leather headband 10

Scrappy leather headband 11

Have fun!


CurlyPops said...

That's really cute! I have a big bag of leather scraps that have been sitting in the stash for about 3 years... now I can actually use them for something.

CurlyPops said...

PS - would fabric glue work?

Melissa said...

Wow. This is so pretty! Thanks for the tutorial.

Rebecca Marie said...

So cute! I have got to get together with my friends and make a bunch!

Ginger said...

Loved this tutorial! I never toss out leather .Now i can make some of these for gifts great tutorial your so clever.
Lord bless hugs

Katie said...

Love this headband! I have some leather I've been wanting to use for a headband too, but the last time I tried to sew through it my needle broke. How smart to just use the hot glue! I'm having Headband Week on my blog right now and I'd love for you to link your great tutorial! You can find the Headband Week link-up here:

Thanks again for sharing! :)

Heather - said...

This is such a cool headband! Found via Katie's roundup! I'm linking over at

Sassy Sarah said...

I love this tutorial! What a fabulous idea! I love your blog and etsy shop. :)

Jess said...

What an awesome tutorial! And I have a big box of leather scraps I've been saving for just the right project...

I'm also really interested in blogging your jewellery trees, but I can't find your email address on here. Can you email me (FullSpiral at gmail dot com)

Virginia Celoria said...

Great tutorial! I always thought working with leather would be hard, but this look so easy. I included it in my roundup of fabulous and free headband tutorials and you can check it out here:

izzi917 said...

This is an awesome idea! I had a friend of mine bestow four full boxes of really nice leather scraps on me a couple weeks ago because of a purse that my boyfriend made for me out of some srap leather his mother had (she has a highend upholstery business she run her self, a few years ago I guess she redid someone's leather sofa and he got the left overs from what she didn't use, and started making these absolutely stunning purses out of the leather and [well the first one he made he gave to me and he used an old belt if his that is one of those braided leather belts, and while I don't normal rock leather, because I don't eat red meat, he put so much time and effort and live I guess lol, that I couldn't say no, and I needed a new. Purse anyway, cuz mine had broke the day before, and his came out so beautifully that I figured, well it's betteer to use the leather than for it to just end up in the trash] I'll have to send you a picture if my purse, the one my boyfriend made if you'd like to see it, it's so stunning, I've gotten so many compliments and people asking me where they can get one, and have since sold three purses using the scrps she gave us)

But again I found myself in the same predicament of having all this leather that I do not want to get wasted, and trying to figure out what to do with them.... So thus should work out nicely. And I'm pretty sure they sell those plain headband at the dollar tree for like three for a dollar so should be relatively in expensive project at that. Now if I just had a friggin hot glue gun. Lol.

And you haven't had any problems with the leather not adhering to the plastic at all? I wouldn't think a hot glue gun would be strong enough to hold the leather on.

Never the less thanks for the great idea. Gonna go try this out today or tomorrow depending on how quickly I can get myself a hot glue gun. These are awesome though. And look super cool! Well done!!!

Carrie said...

Absolutely love this! I need to get some scraps to play with. :o)
I featured it on my blog at
Hope that's okay - thanks!

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